martes, 17 de abril de 2007

Final Project

In my opinion classes were very good caused we did it at lab and it allow to used the internetto make the activities and to share with my class mates the homework.

Unit 1. Journalism

In this unit discuss tha parts paragraph: Topic Sentences, Main Idea, Controlling Idea. My paragraph is:

  • Labtops and cellphones are standart equipment for all supervisors, freesing then where they work. Inside the office there is almost no room for papaer so the companystores all critical budget document and performance reports on it`s intranet along with training schedules up coming events and compañy news.

Please tell me your opinion about this.

Unit 2. Advertising

In this unit we studied about T.V. Comercials and we gave on opinon about a Korean video by Kiss. My opinion about T.V. Comercials is:

  • The new advertising of "The National" is about a magazine that make yuo learn english quickly wich ilustration. The comercial shows a boy writing the name of several things in english until his mother sorprise him. the advertising insentive to buy the ilustrated magazine

My opinion about the video is:

The video is beautiful, it's about a history love very sad, the girland a men love, but she have a accident on the studio an she lost thevisibility, time later she recuperate the visibility but he lost… helove she and give the visibility for love…

Unit 3. Finding a Job

In this unit we wrote a cover letter a resume and we search a job in My Job is:

Carmen Padron Res.

Club HipicoMaracaibo, Venezuela


Seeking a position as an accountant assistant in the financial company that will utilize my experience

· 1 year professional experience in a bank.
· 1 year in accounting firm.

· Banco Venezuela. Grupo Santander
January 2005
Accounting Assistant
· Prepared financial information and close the statement.
· Monthly bank reconciliation
· Create reports about the financial information.
· Lamina CO
February 2006
Accounting Assistant
· Prepared the financial information and close the statement.
· Monthly bank reconciliation
· Create reports about the financial information.
· Prepared inflation adjustment.
· Calculated sales commissions

Rafael Belloso Chacin University
Major Accounting.

Cover Letter

456 College HallNormal, IL 67890
March 06, 2007
Ms. Sheryl CampanellaPartner-In-Charge

Automatic Gate Systems Inc


Ms. Campanella:
I respond to your advertisement in, regarding the accounting/auditing position.

This position will allow me the opportunity to utilize my two years experience on financial companies; I am a good communicator, and exceptional problems solving abilities and strong negotiation skill.

I will be in phoenix in the phoenix area in May 2007, please call me at 555-589685. thank for your consideration.

Carmen Padron.

Tell me your opinion

Unit 4. Pros and Cons.

In this unit we wrote a paragraph and we take the advantages and disadvantages of this. My paragraph is.

Cellulars have advantages and Disadvantages.One Advantage is that the easy to use. Sometimes my parent have troubles with them but it try to help them. Sometimes is useful people know where you are for any emergency and cellphones give you that benefit. Another advantage is that you can so many cellphones numbers (Better that wirte them of many pos-it on notebook). One disadvantage is that cellphones could be really expensive these days, yesterday my uncle bougth one in 800.000 Bs. They`re so small that you can lose them at any moment you can be stolen just to get your phone

Tell me your opinion

Unit 5. Outlading

In this unit we wrote a personal poem. My poem is.


happy, tall, intelligent, thin

daughter of Eglee

who loves dance, music and sleep

who is afraid of mouse, cockroach and darkness

who wants to see Angel’s Fall, Alejandro Fernandez and London

resident of This moment in Maracaibo


Tell me your opinion